Hi! I’m an energetic marketing leader with a passion for scaling mission-driven companies. I’ve spent most of the last decade leading marketing teams in education (at Flatiron School / WeWork) and healthcare (Calibrate, K Health) startups and am excited to continue making an impact.

More on me: I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to grow quickly with every organization I’ve joined. I’ve been in the weeds building and optimizing campaigns and also hired and managed 30 person teams running global marketing programs. I thrive in fast-paced and quickly evolving environments and love creatively navigating through high growth periods. I also have lots of experience leading teams to succeed in scrappy, more constrained environments where efficiency is primary objective. I’ve particularly enjoyed bringing new products to market (and existing products to new markets!), deeply understanding the customer, cracking a challenging funnel, and developing the right marketing mix. I stay grounded with exercise, and am known by friends and colleagues as highly positive and relentlessly energetic.

I’d love to connect: nicole.kroese@gmail.com

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