Flatiron School

  • Built 30+ person marketing team from the ground up (25 of which were hired during a rapid scale period) 
  • Oversaw performance marketing, product marketing, regional and event marketing, lifecycle marketing, content, and communications teams
  • Responsible for all full-funnel customer acquisition from lead generation to revenue booked. 
  • Led GTM marketing strategy for expansion into 10 US Markets + London
  • Led product marketing strategy for expansion into new course disciplines including data science, UX/UI Design, and Cybersecurity
  • Led marketing effort and integration through WeWork acquisition and oversaw integration of two additional school acquisitions (Designation.io, Secureset Academy)
  • Developed customer journey, defined lifecycle stages, created personas, and built lead scoring algorithms to optimize acquisition funnel. 
  • Managed a $15 million+ annual media budget deployed across paid digital, sponsored content, OOH, hyperlocal events and sponsorships. 
  • Built and updated a robust multi-product, multi-market  marketing acquisition model.