Flatiron School

As the Marketing Director I am responsible for managing and optimizing the marketing acquisition funnel from lead generation to customer conversion. More on the evolution of Flatiron School’s marketing & specific tactics in this presentation from my Marketing StackUp talk.

I manage content marketing and PR as well as marketing acquisition across all channels deliver target CPLs and CPAs month over month. Acquisition tactics used include paid acquisition, marketing partnerships, lead nurturing, promotions, gated content, and lead scoring.

  • Launched and developed co-marketing as a lead generation strategy which now sources to over 15% of new business. Co-Marketing partners include Birchbox, Bustle, Skillcrush, The Muse, Degreed, Course Report, Hubspot, Women Who Code, and many more.
  • Overseeing the growth of on-campus Events as an acquisition and conversion strategy, in addition to online events.
  • Manage paid campaigns across Facebook, Google, Quora and other channels. Optimized creative, audiences, etc to reduce the blended CPL to under $4.50 (from $20+)
  • Manage all email marketing. Develop and iterate on email nurturing workflows to more effectively bring people through the funnel. Email workflows consistently improve conversion between stages by more than 25%.
  • Conceptualize and launch monthly promotions to drive urgency with prospects. Promotions now contribute to on average 30% of new business each month.
  • Built marketing operating model to project growth and manage funnel KPIs.