Likeable Local

Likeable Local ( 

As the Vice President of  Marketing and Partnerships at Likeable Local, I managed Marketing and Partnerships teams including all lead generation, user acquisition, content production, PR, and the growing Partner (Reseller) Program. I was responsible for driving thousands of sales-qualified leads per month, growing & nurturing Likeable Local’s freemium app users, and positioning Likeable Local as a social media leader in the small business space.


During my time at Likeable Local, I increased monthly recurring revenue by 3x from scaleable inbound marketing initiatives. I  built out a marketing team and streamlined processes for not only successfully bringing leads in, but also nurturing them though smart automation. Successful strategies included paid social ads, value-add gated content like eBooks and webinars, strategic marketing partnerships, innovative email campaigns, SEO and back-linking, retargeting, and co-marketing partnerships. Our Marketing Initiatives drive over 70% of new recurring revenue monthly!

The Likeable Partner (Reseller) Program: 

I also spearheaded the launch of the Likeable Local Partner Program, creating a growth segment in marketing agencies and influential affiliates. Within 1 year, the Likeable Partner Program was contributing to over 20% of monthly recurring revenue. This growth was largely attributed to conceptualizing and building out the Partner Program model that included tiered incentives for partners to sell the product, streamlined frequent communication, and a dedicated Partner liaison. Additionally, by closing a partnership with one of the largest franchises of Digital Marketing Agencies, WSI, I was able to impact the growth of the program exponentially.

Content Production: 

My team and I created hundreds of pieces of content, many of which can be found in the Likeable Resource Center and Likeable Local’s Blog, including eBooks, webinars, email campaigns, quizzes, and contests.

Likeable Hub Product Launch: 

Likeable Local launched a freemium app called Likeable Hub, which I brought to market. Through innovative and scrappy marketing we acquired 7,000+ users in 4 months with a very modest budget.

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