Refine Method

Refine Method ( 

Taught exercise science-based fitness classes and acted a PR and social media coordinator. Conceptualized ideas and created content for social media, helped plan for new studio launch, and created online promotions resulting in client growth.

Social Media Content and Campaigns:

-General Social Media: Created photo campaign for Upper West Side studio opening, Sweaty Saturday Event, new equipment introductions, class photos, and Resolution Challenge push, and Mission Vegetable, and Outdoor Classes

-Refine Resolution Challenge: Social content for New Year fitness challenge including “Challenger of the Week“,  Weekly Buddy tasks, Mission Vegetable, and Challenger photos.popasquatedit collage

-Pop a Squat Photo Contest:  Photo contest “Pop a Squat”  to promote the new studio. Extended competition out to clients as a photo contest promotion for a prize of free classes Check out the best squats compilation video.

– Client Testimonials: Crafted and organized a series of client testimonials for social sharing.testimonial 1

-Thriller Video Campaign: Managed the creation of humorous and viral Halloween “Thriller” dance remake with Refine instructors and sent to press.

Created idea and organized logistics, invitations, and press for launch event of new Upper West Side Studio.

-Event “Flip For Refine” was a partnership with online Fitness Resource “Well+Good NYC” and Birchbox . Four consecutive fitness classes taught by Refine Instructors were paired with an opportunity to make a personal take home flipbook, and free Refine tanks and Birchbox giveaways. The event sold out in less than one hour.

Flip for Refine Videos!

-Mailed clients a jpeg from their personal flipbook during their workout with hashtag #flipforrefine included to encourage immediate sharing, personally emailed clients their flipbook video posted online, uploaded and created captions for all flipbook photos and event photos for posting on Facebook and Pinterest, and created compilation video of mini flipbook movies into “Flip for Refine” Promo.

Press Attendees: Fitness, Shape, New York Magaine, Marie Claire, Prevention, Women’s Health, and Inc.

Specifics: Increased total Likes on Facebook by 200+ and Followers on Twitter by 100+ in less than one month. Scored press in Fitness, Self, Prevention, Women’s Health and Well+Good in addition to countless fitness blogs.

Instagram: @RefineMethod

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